Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Colorado Reunion


Well, we're back from the Colorado family reunion! And this is my fourth post of this month! YES!

Anyways, we left last Wednesday after my dad came home from work, though we were an hour or two later than we had wanted to be. We just got supper at McDonalds (we pretty much lived on McDonalds while driving to and from Colorado :P) and drove for a few hours and then we found a hotel to stay at for the night.

The next morning we had breakfast and we drove all day, getting to my aunt and uncle's house at about 9 PM, I believe.... it was SUCH a relief to get out of the truck, which wasn't all that spacious for a family of five. I wasn't feeling the best, either, because if I do much of anything while driving (knitting, reading, playing video games, stuff like that) I start feeling... icky. Not totally sick or anything, just kind of blehhh. Definitely a relief to stop driving!

Friday was a day of relaxation and recuperation from all the driving. We hung out around the house all day watching TV and (in my sister's and my case) sucking on coffee-flavored caramels. YUMMY. We also went through things that my aunt was giving us (actually, to be perfectly honest, it was mostly my dad) because she and my uncle are considering moving and they want to get rid of a bunch of stuff. I got a bedroom set which consists of a queen-sized bed with a headboard, a dresser, and one of those things that's like a low dresser/desk and it has a large mirror on it? I forget what it's called. :P I also got a typewriter!! It's awesome and black and I love it. My dad teases me that although I have a laptop and we have the TV and stuff like that, I like an old-fashioned typewriter. But I love it! It's so... 1930's. We had just seen Captain America a week or two before Father's Day so I am now very hung up on anything from that time period. :D (We also went and saw The Avengers on Father's Day as a present from my dad to the rest of us, which was amazing, but that's off-topic.)

 In the evening my mom, aunt, sister and I went to a graduation party that my aunt had said she'd go to. There were a few relatives there who would be at the reunion the next day. It was pretty interesting.

On Saturday was the reunion. In the morning, though, my dad rented a U-Haul trailer and loaded mostly everything into it, all the big stuff anyway. At around noon or a little before, we drove to the reunion, which was at a reservoir. As we were driving up, all we could see was dry grass and we were all like "Where is the beach? The water?! Are we in the right place?" but we kept driving and then we saw the water and it was amazing - so huge, we wondered how on earth we could miss it! The land rose just right, I guess... but it was really strange.

Well, that's most of what I have to say for now, so I will let these next few pictures do some explaining. A picture's worth a thousand words, after all.

My sister, not wanting to get her picture taken. :P

As I was out in the water, I noticed a family of geese swimming by!

So adorable!

A few of the ladies were giving girls face paintings and paint tattoos - the kit included glitter, which involved getting glue put on your face. :P

The end result was very pretty, though!

One of the little girls got this gorgeous butterfly on her arm. :)

My mom got a pretty nasty sunburn on the back of her neck. This was only the beginning of it - it got worse!

My older brother and, I think my dad's cousin? I don't remember how she's related to us... anyways, this is them building a sand castle.

On Sunday we went to church, at this gorgeous church near Denver. Sadly, we didn't get any pictures.  That was another day of relaxation and recuperation.

The next day came the good-byes...


We drove all that day. We took a route that would bring us to the Badlands where we drove around for a few hours the next day, but we didn't spend as much time at the Badlands as we usually do. We were in a hurry to get home. :P

Prairie dogs! ^_^

And, well, that was our trip!

I don't think I'll add a random photo at the end. You've gotten enough photos for one post. :P

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