Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day - also known as the Fourth of July!

Well, today was a pretty full day. We had friends over for the afternoon, so the morning was spent in preparing for them - cleaning, mainly, and my dad set my sister and I to work filling up water balloons. Nearly 150 in all, but when our friends came the balloons were gone in five minutes!

So, in the afternoon we had a lunch of grilled pork chops, chicken, watermelon, chips, and other such summer-y picnic type foods.

My mom, doing her 3 1/2-years-old goddaughter's hair in a ponytail and "hair pretty."

She likes it! Very festive for the fourth of July.

(Sorry it's blurry!) The kids practicing for their "circus".

Later in the evening, we all drove to a park to go see the fireworks. While we were waiting the kids played on the playground and the adults chatted.

My godsister seemed to think that the phrase "If she gets a juice box she'll have to go to the bathroom" meant that if she went to the bathroom, she could get a juice box. So as she begged anyone to take her to the bathroom so she could get a juice box, my mom just HAD to take pictures!


The lucky person who ended up taking her (in the end we got her distracted enough from juice boxes to go to the playground and not have to go to the porta-potties yet) was me. :P

When it got darker, some other friends of ours joined us for the fireworks.

When it got dark enough, the fireworks started! I, equipped with my camera and the "fireworks" setting on it, began to take pictures.

After the fireworks, we headed home. There was lightning outside that we could see in the distance, and as I looked out the window I watched God's "fireworks"!

I hope everyone has had a blessed, wonderful Independence Day!

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