Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A post filled with water.

Hello, all! I am determined to get more than three blog posts in for this month... let's see if I actually do it!

So, yesterday we went to the lake for the day, at a cabin that my aunt and uncle are renting. It was fun spending the day there with my cousins, but it ended all too soon! We had fun batting a volleyball around, getting in the water, making sand castles on the beach, eating delicious food, and taking lots of pictures!

Seeing the sunlight shimmer and sparkle in the water and seeing the effect in my camera was really cool, so I tried to capture it. I wasn't able to quite get the effect that I saw on the camera screen (how is it that you can see it on the screen, and then take the picture and it looks totally different? :P) but I still think it looks pretty.

                        Like stars dancing on the water, or little fireflies or faeries or.... something.

I don't get to see these relatives very often. They live a few hours away from us. But we usually manage to visit them at the lake for a day in the summer, and we see them at Thanksgiving and such. It's always fun to be with them!

My mother will quite possibly punish me for posting these pictures. :P But her face at getting into the water was priceless!

I assure you, though, that I was making faces very similar to hers. They just weren't caught on camera. ;)

                                               And that was our day at the lake!


  1. Hmmmmmm...yes! What SHALL the punishment be??? LOL.

  2. How about cookies? Or cake? Or ice cream? Cuz.... I really hate those things. *wink wink* ;)