Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy birthday, sis!

Happy 12th birthday to my kooky...


Sometimes obnoxious...

...yet loveable, sweet (when she wants to be) and BEAUTIFUL little sister!

I would post more, but I am tired, especially after playing Capture The Flag with my sister and her friends at her party today (in order to make the teams fair), my throat hurts, and my leg hurts, and I'm supposed to go to bed. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yarn Along

Well, I'm working on quite a few projects at the moment... that hat for my uncle? Yeah... after having to start over numerous times, I gave it up because it was taking a long time, and now I'm doing a scarf.

This is definitely going better than the hat was, I'm just kind of bummed that the project has been taking so long. Especially since it's practically spring. :P

This next scarf I'm working on is for the Etsy shop I want to start soon, hopefully in April.

It's warm, yet open - a good spring scarf. :)

This NEXT scarf I'm knitting for my sister's birthday, which is on Sunday. I'm going to have to work hard at it to get it finished by then, but I love the colors!

For reading, I've been reading books with information about rabbits. I'm hopefully going to get Angora rabbits in late May, and though I read a lot about rabbits when we thought we might get them LAST year, I thought it best if my memory could be refreshed... so, yes. That's been fun!

And, since I seem to be in the habit of posting random pictures at the end of my posts, here is a picture I took of my younger sister today outside, since the weather was sooo lovely today! As you can see, the picture has been highly edited. I rather like it. So does my sister. ;)

Thanks to Ginny over at Small Things  for hosting the yarn-along!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I'm so excited!!! (Though you probably guessed that from my post title... :P)

So, a week ago I was doing research on Angora rabbits (which are rabbits that you use their wool for spinning yarn) for a homework assignment I was supposed to do (and I didn't even end up writing about Angoras after all...), which got me thinking about Angora rabbits again. I had been wanting rabbits for over a year now, but we've never found anyplace that had them, or we found places that looked promising but weren't selling a litter for another YEAR, or places who hadn't updated their websites in a while so we didn't even know if they DID that anymore... well, after I told my mom this, she looked up Angoras on the internet, and found two places a couple of hours away from us that looked pretty promising. So we looked into one of the sites, and they updated their blog recently, and they had a litter that was just, pretty promising! I e-mailed them sort of asking for information, and they replied back quickly saying they'd love to help me choose and just get a good rabbit. We really couldn't go above $30 per rabbit (and we were thinking of getting two) and she said that she'd be willing to sell us two of her rabbits from a litter due at the end of this month for $50 total. And we're most likely going to end up buying them! After a year of searching, and researching how to CARE for rabbits, I'm finally gonna most likely get some! :D

Also, I sent in an application to go to a week-long girls camp that's at the end of the summer, and yesterday I found out that I got in! So, two things to be excited about!

And one of my FAVORITE TV shows, Once Upon A Time, is on in 20 minutes! THREE things to be excited about!

And here is a pretty picture I took AGES ago of a part of a Christmas tree.... because I felt like it. :)