Saturday, January 14, 2012

A very interesting discovery...

Tonight my mother informed me that she had downloaded a book on her Kindle that I am now really curious to read!

It is called, "His Good Opinion: A Mr. Darcy Novel" by Nancy Kelley. It is like Pride and Prejudice from Mr. Darcy's viewpoint!

I really want to read it because I am curious about how Nancy Kelley will keep with the Jane Austen spirit.... I mean, I know that nobody could ever write exactly like Jane Austen, especially nowadays, but I at least hope that she will have tried to keep everything.... well, straight, for lack of a better word. From what little my mom read to me from a part of it (she's keeping it all to herself until she's finished :P) I could tell that it didn't sound like Jane Austen - that's to be expected - but I do hope she gets the character's personalities right... but I am glad that somebody did try to write this all from his viewpoint!

Plus, I just love Mr. Darcy! Especially after having recently finished re-reading the book for the 3rd time, and then watched the 2001 mini-series version, and now hearing about this book.

So, we shall see. :)

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