Monday, January 9, 2012

A new blog is born!

Well, I did it! I started a blog!

This is where I will be sharing posts and pictures from my everyday life, as I am happy, sad, eating, hungry, and also trying hard to grow close to God and become rooted in my faith.

So, yeah. :) There's one thing checked off from my "New Year's Resolutions 2012" list!

Today I started school again, after being on Christmas break for a few weeks. I am regretting not being able to sleep in every morning, and not having my days at least mostly free anymore, but it also is relieving, in a weird way, to get back to school. Crazy, right? I am in 11th grade, so I suppose now that high school is close to being over, I'm finally starting to grow a fondness for it - at least, as fond as you CAN get of school! I am also homeschooled, so at least it is a little more relaxed getting back into school.

Well, that's pretty much the news for now, so I will end my FIRST BLOG POST! :D

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  1. Huzzah! Well done, daughter!'re already better at this than me!Cool, I love the background you chose!