Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This sounds like I'm advertising something. And maybe I am. :P

Today I got my eBook from ITonRamp for studying for the computer class I'm starting next week!

ITonRamp is a Christian program which has courses for learning about, well, computers. They have various courses, from the basic "Home Track" which is learning how to take care of and troubleshoot your home computer (and which is the one I'm taking) and it takes 5 weeks and is fairly easy to follow, to the "A+ Track" which is 12 weeks long and covers pretty much everything you need to know to take the A+ Certification test, and if you pass that, you are completely certified and ready for a position such as IT Administrator or something in the computer field. Many companies like Dell and other computer companies require this certification to get a job there! The courses come with an eBook or a book shipped to you, depending on the course you take, and forums where you can do a lot of questions and answers, and webinars where you will watch videos to help you better understand the materials in the books. The really cool thing is, is that you're not going to college for a 4-year degree and you are completely certified, and on the website (http://www.itonramp.com/) they recommend the courses for as young as 12 years of age! (That's the Home Track course, all the other courses are recommended 14 and up). The courses are pretty pricey, but they sure beat the price of even going to a cheap community college!

As much as I would like to go to "off to college", I know that mainly it's for the experience that I would like to go, and I really can't think of any excuse to go to college when I can do this for cheaper. So if you don't particularly care for getting a college experience and would much rather do things for a better price, and if you're interested in computers, you might want to consider this.

Or, if you just want to get a basic knowledge of your computer and want to know how to fix it and keep it running strong, you can just do the Home Track! Never again would you have to pay someone to fix your computer for you whenever something goes wrong. ;) Of course, it does cost $200...

Besides the Home Track course and the A+ course, there is also the "Network+ Track" (which is also 12 weeks and the same price as the A+ track) and the "HTML: Step One in Web Design" course, which is more expensive than the Home Track but less expensive than the A+ and Network+ tracks.

For more information you can click on the link I put up. :)

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