Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yarn Along

Yeah, I haven't done this in a while. What with summer and warm weather, I haven't really felt like knitting. But now I've gotten back to it, thanks to the reminder of the fact that I've still got dozens of projects to complete before Christmas, not to mention the fact that I'm going to start up my Etsy shop in August (hopefully!)

So here is what I've been working on lately: Fingerless gloves!

I've almost finished the second fingerless glove - or hand warmer, or whatever you want to call it. I just love how they fit - it's snug enough to fit my younger sister perfectly, but it also fits me perfectly, and my mom perfectly! I'm planning on selling this pair.

I just love the bold colors. These were knit with a self-striping yarn (thank goodness - I can't imagine all the ends I'd have to weave in by the time they were finished! The horror!) and they are so soft, but not too soft and wintery, perfect for any time of the year, really. But the colors make me think of fall the most.

                                        Fits like a glove! ;) (ignore the weird look on my face. :P)

Lately I've been reading, well, a bunch of different things, really. I started re-reading The Hobbit, what with the movie coming in December and all, and I want to actually make it through that plus the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The last time I tried, I only made it through The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring, and made it maybe an eighth of the way through Two Towers, if that (I don't remember) before I got busy and stopped reading it and never picked it up. And that was two years ago! So I figure it's about time I try again. :)

Thanks to Ginny over at Small Things for hosting the Yarn-Along!


  1. Awesome! you are so good at knitting!

  2. Hey, Cheyenne, I tagged you in a blog award! Check out my blog :)