Sunday, March 11, 2012


I'm so excited!!! (Though you probably guessed that from my post title... :P)

So, a week ago I was doing research on Angora rabbits (which are rabbits that you use their wool for spinning yarn) for a homework assignment I was supposed to do (and I didn't even end up writing about Angoras after all...), which got me thinking about Angora rabbits again. I had been wanting rabbits for over a year now, but we've never found anyplace that had them, or we found places that looked promising but weren't selling a litter for another YEAR, or places who hadn't updated their websites in a while so we didn't even know if they DID that anymore... well, after I told my mom this, she looked up Angoras on the internet, and found two places a couple of hours away from us that looked pretty promising. So we looked into one of the sites, and they updated their blog recently, and they had a litter that was just, pretty promising! I e-mailed them sort of asking for information, and they replied back quickly saying they'd love to help me choose and just get a good rabbit. We really couldn't go above $30 per rabbit (and we were thinking of getting two) and she said that she'd be willing to sell us two of her rabbits from a litter due at the end of this month for $50 total. And we're most likely going to end up buying them! After a year of searching, and researching how to CARE for rabbits, I'm finally gonna most likely get some! :D

Also, I sent in an application to go to a week-long girls camp that's at the end of the summer, and yesterday I found out that I got in! So, two things to be excited about!

And one of my FAVORITE TV shows, Once Upon A Time, is on in 20 minutes! THREE things to be excited about!

And here is a pretty picture I took AGES ago of a part of a Christmas tree.... because I felt like it. :)

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