Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yarn Along

Well, for my first yarn-along I am going to show you some pictures of a hat I am knitting for my uncle!

Yeah.... it used to look like this:

But then I was trying to switch from the circular needle to four double-point needles and it was all twisted and weird and then I dropped stitches... and since I thought the stripes were uneven in one spot anyways I just started over. :P

Now, what I'm reading! Well, I just got a book from the library with like 210 Grimm's fairytales in it?? Of course, most of them are under 10 pages long. And there's lots of pictures!

I've been wanting to read some original Grimm's fairy tales for a while now (along with original Shakespeare) and finally requested this one from the library and it came in today! I've read the first three so far. I've heard that the originals of some are pretty gruesome in places.... like in Cinderella... but so far I haven't encountered anything too creepy. I've only read the first three stories though.

And now, because I want to, here is a picture of this past Saturday's breakfast we had, because it was National Ice Cream for breakfast day and I never got to do a blog post about that.

Waffles, ice cream and sausages on the side. Yummy!

Click here if you want to join the yarn-along, find out more about it, or just because you have nothing else to do. :P


  1. The bonus food pic made me smile-thank you for adding it!
    Yeah welcome to Yarn Along. I love your choice of book. I haven't read Grimm's in a long time, now I think I am going to pick it back up.
    Good luck on your Uncle's hat!

  2. oh what a yummy breakfast! Good luck with the hat this time!!

  3. Great job on your post! Mmmmm, waffles and ice cream....that was SOOOO good!