Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My past few months in a nutshell!

Wow! I'm actually posting WITHIN A WEEK of my last post! That hasn't happened in a year... possibly even longer. :P

So, what's going on lately with me? Well, first of all, I would like to ask your prayers for our family, as my grandma died on March 1st. It was REALLY sudden - we had all gone out to a fish fry (we had to get at least ONE in during Lent!). My grandma lived with us, along with my uncle who still lives with us, in a separate part of the house built for them. Before we left, my grandma was all chipper and happy - my sister and I were getting ready and my grandma threatened to leave without us! We had a great time at the fish fry, which wasn't very far from us, and then we all came home, my grandma went into her apartment, sat in her comfy red rocking chair, and basically just fell asleep. There were no signs of her being sick or anything, although she has had health problems. The funeral was this past Friday and so now we're trying to get into a new rhythm. And it is hard because we're so used to seeing her around all the time. So anyways, please keep us in your prayers.

In October I auditioned for our homeschool theatre production of "Oklahoma" and I got in! I played a farmer's wife. It was fun! And since I was an elderly lady, I had my hair sprayed grey/silver for the shows!!! Haha, it was definitely an interesting experience! The performances were a weekend in mid-January. I'm sad it's over. I made a few new friends (although me being the shy person that I am, I didn't make as many friends as I would have liked) and we had a lot of fun times. And since I'm a senior this year, it was the last homeschool theatre production I was able to perform in - and it was the first one I'd ever been in. I really wish I had been able to do more shows. But I can still play in the pit orchestra for any future shows, which is good.

I have been taking classes at the local state university through PSEO this spring semester - French, English, and Introduction to Mass Communications (which is an online course). My ratings for the classes?

French = :)
English = :)
Intro to Mass Comm = :-/

I like the French class because it is really fun learning the language. Someday I want to go to France and I want to be able to understand what people will be saying there - and not look so much like a typical American tourist with a French phrasebook in hand. :P English is cool because the instructor goes to our church so I'm not as scared of him. :P Although it's also hard because since we know each other from church, I feel like I've got to be really good because he'll be paying attention to my work! As for Intro to Mass Comm..... well, the class is really interesting. But being an online class, it's really easy for me to forget that I have deadlines, and with all the stuff that's been going on lately I've been forgetting to do my homework until the last minute - sometimes literally the LAST MINUTE before something's due. And finals are in the beginning of May. AAAAGGGGGHHHHH. I hate feeling behind!!!!! Thank goodness this week is spring break. But still. AAAAGGGGGHHHHH.

So, this week is spring break at the college, but NEXT week (actually, this Friday) is our family vacation!! We are going to Branson, Missouri and spending a week there, going to the Titanic museum, possibly Silver Dollar City, and we're going to the Sight and Sound Theater to see their production of "Joseph", which is opening.... this weekend? Anyways, we're gonna see it! It'll be interesting seeing Joseph without disco dancing and and Elvis Presley-type Pharaoh. :P And my cousins are coming with us!! :D And my aunt and uncle! They're the ones that I don't get to see a whole lot normally, but we invited them along on our vacation and they were able to come! Which is SUPER exciting. That just makes the vacation so much better!

Well, that's pretty much all for now, so.... bye! Or... adieu! A bientot!

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